Closure in 2014

The National Water Commission Act of 2004 has been repealed, and the National Water Commission has now been abolished. The National Water Commission has played an important role in the monitoring and auditing of water reform policy implementation and management nationally since the National Water Initiative was agreed to a decade ago.

The National Water Initiative (NWI) principles that continue to guide us today were developed and agreed to by all governments in 2004. The NWI is a commitment by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments to increase the efficiency of Australia’s water use.

The Productivity Commission will have responsibility for The triennial assessments of progress toward achieving the National Water Initiative objectives and outcomes by state and territory governments and the independent audit of implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and associated water resource plans as statutory functions. As well the biennial National Water Planning Report Card which is produced under the triennial assessment.

The Department of the Environment will be responsible for assessing milestone payments to the Murray-Darling Basin states against the performance milestones specified in the National Partnership Agreement on implementing Murray-Darling Basin reform. The Department of the Environment will also provide advice on the status of implementation of the National Water Initiative to the Clean Energy Regulator as required under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Regulations 2011.

ABARES will take on responsibility for monitoring water markets and producing an annual water markets report.

The Bureau of Meteorology is working with state and territory governments and the water industry to continue the national performance reports for the urban water sector, which will provide an important annual snapshot of this section of the industry.
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